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South Sudan remains one of the poorest countries in the world, following decades of civil war between the North and the South of Sudan. Independence gained in July 2011 for the new South Sudan brought immense celebrations to the South Sudanese, but as yet little improvement in healthcare, although opportunities now exist.

Only 44% of the population have access to healthcare within 5km, with inoculation for children at 18%. Maternity mortality is nearly 3% at 2,054 per 100,000 births. As women average 6-7 births, 20% will die from childbirth. Child mortality rates are 106 per 1,000 for under fives.

The training of skilled healthcare staff of all disciplines is the key to improving healthcare provision and needs to be developed and supported. The central task of the Poole Africa Link is to contribute to the development of effective healthcare through the provision and support of competent medical and nursing education for staff at Wau Teaching Hospital and local nurse training schools.

“Our hospitals working together to forge a future for Wau”

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